Global Learning Conference:

Transcending Boundaries through COIL


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About the Conference

The Global Learning Conference illustrates best practices and innovation in collaborative online international learning* (COIL). COIL is an approach to fostering 21st Century student competencies through the development of multicultural learning environments that link university or college classes in different countries using online technologies. The conference invites faculty and lecturers, instructional technologists and designers, international education and study abroad managers, and anyone interested in the internationalization of higher education to attend and share a knowledge of order essay process with their peers in this growing field.

*COIL is used to refer to any pedagogical activities that use technology to link classrooms and students in geographically distant locations through coursework. Among the other terms used to describe such activity are virtual exchange, virtual mobility, globally networked learning, telecollaboration, and online intercultural exchange.

You can find some useful information in the following guides:

1) The Role of Technology in Shaping Global Education: Trends and Impacts
2) The Evolution of Remote Learning: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Education
3) Addressing Inequities in Access to Education on a Global Scale
4) Assessment and Evaluation Methods for Global Learning Outcomes
5) Cultural Diversity in the Classroom: Strategies for Inclusive Global Learning
6) Global Citizenship Education: Fostering Social Responsibility and Awareness
7) Cross-Cultural Communication: Enhancing Interactions in Global Learning Environments
8) Maximizing Key Trial Periods in Education: A Practical Guide



Conference Hosts

 DePaul University Logo

Among the most innovative schools in the United States, according to US News and World Report 2015, DePaul University is a large, vibrant, urban, private institution, inspired by the ethos and mission of Saint Vincent de Paul. Guided by its current strategic plan, Vision 2018, DePaul is engaged in a process of comprehensive internationalization that, by leveraging the global diversity of Chicago, aims at infusing international and comparative perspectives throughout the teaching, research, and service missions of the university. In this context, DePaul launched a university wide COIL initiative in 2013, branded as Global Learning Experience (GLE). To date, over 100 faculty members have taken part in the GLE professional development workshop, and over 40 courses have been offered with a collaborative online international learning component, working with a network of partner institutions in 15 different countries. DePaul is delighted to partner with the SUNY COIL Center to gather the COIL community of practitioners and scholars in Chicago for an opportunity to share best practices and learn from one another.

SUNY COIL Center Logo

For over a decade the SUNY COIL Center has been reimagining  education as a globally networked phenomenon. COIL links faculty across borders to co-create learning environments in which students gain valuable digital and cross-cultural competencies through collaboration with international peers. The COIL Center’s Nodal and Global Partner Networks have grown from a handful of loosely participating campuses in 2006 to over 50 committed member institutions working to scale this model. We have expanded the landscape of higher education; at SUNY, across the US, and around the world by implementing the COIL model to benefit students, faculty, and staff. We welcome the opportunity to reflect on the evolution of the field, to celebrate accomplishments, to welcome new practitioners to our networks, and to investigate how COIL will continue to transcend boundaries now and into the future.


The 2017 Global Learning Conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois, a global city of over 9 million people in the heart of the Midwestern United States. One of the largest transportation hubs in North America, Chicago is easily accessible via nonstop flights from across the U.S. and over 60 international cities.

Chicago hosts more than 45 million tourists annually. The city is known for its scenic Lake Michigan shoreline, iconic skyscrapers, architectural landmarks, and world-class museums. Chicago is also a popular destination among foodies and features a diverse mix of culinary delights—from deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs to high-end steakhouses and 26 Michelin-rated gourmet restaurants.

Conference Venues

The Global Learning Conference is being held at two venues, Venue SIX10 at the Spertus Institute (610 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60604) and Conference Chicago – University Center (525 South State St., Chicago, IL 60605). Located in downtown’s South Loop neighborhood, Venue SIX10 and Conference Chicago are steps away from Chicago’s magnificent lakefront with beautiful beaches, world-renowned Millennium and Grant Parks, marvelous museums, restaurants and retail shopping.




Conference Themes

While the Global Learning Conference is designed to address a wide range of issues in online international learning, many presentations will focus on one or more of the following themes:  

  • Practical Strategies and Student Voices
  • Intercultural Competence and Community Building
  • Internationalization and Professional Networks 
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Professional Development 




Registration for the conference has ended. Thank you to all our 270 attendees for making the conference an unforgettable event!

Refund Policy

Registration is non-refundable after July 31st but can be transferred.